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How do you zip up a dress with a zipper?

Step 1: Determine if your zipper looks like A or B below. If your zipper head has a hole in the zipper like picture A, then all you will need to zip up your dress is a long piece of ribbon. If the zipper head looks like B, then in addition to the ribbon you will also need a clothespin.

How do you Zip a non-elastic dress?

If a dress is non-elastic and has a fitted waist and/or bust, this will most likely be the case. If so, your method depends on the type of zipper. Examine the pull tab of the zipper to determine what the method will be. If the pull tab has a hole in it, it is very easy to zip. There are two ways to do this. Either you can tie a string through it.

Is it hard to zip the back of your own dress?

Nothing feels quite as frustrating as the struggle to zip the back of your own dress. The twist, wiggle and stretch when the zipper pull is just out of reach can feel like cause for an existential crisis. But have no fear! TODAY Style has found the solution to this solo snafu so you can get back to your business.

How do you attach a gusset to a dress?

For this wedding dress, a removable gusset was added in the center back in a place of a zipper. The gusset is shaped like a wedge with the wide end of it in the area that you need extra room. I made a gusset with an invisible zipper in center back so that attaching the gusset to the dress will be easier when putting on a dress.