Looking for how to order food in zomato information? On this page, we have gathered for you the most accurate and comprehensive information that will fully answer the question: how to order food in zomato

How to order food from Zomato app?

Firstly, Open the Zomato App. 2. Search for the Restaurant you want your food from. 3. Now that the restaurant’s page is open, go to “Order Delivery” from the right side. 4. Thereafter you will get the entire menu with prices for each of the dishes. Add the dish you want and it will be redirected to cart. 5.

How to list a restaurant on Zomato?

After submitting the form, a Zomato executive can check and collect mandatory documents like PAN Card, Aadhar card, FSSAI Certificate, click photos of restaurant, etc.. On successfully completing the restaurant confirmation, your restaurant will soon be listed on Zomato platform.

How to connect your food business with Zomato?

To connect your Food business with Zomato, you’ll require click on an option of Add restaurant on Zomato. Then you will required to Fill and submit the Zomato registration form and details about the applicant name, applicant address, applicant contact number, etc. of the restaurant.

What is Zomato and how does it work?

And one of the food ordering apps that is sure touching the sky of success is Zomato. But if you don’t know what is Zomato, then it is a restaurant search and delivery service where you can check reviews, photos, prices, and many such things before ordering any meal.