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Can I use a YouTube video in my presentation?

The legally correct answer is that you cannot use the video clip, or any other copyrighted work, in a commercial business presentation without the permission of the copyright owner. Period. Use without the copyright owner’s permission will very likely be copyright infringement, for which your company could be sued and possibly found liable for monetary damages.

How to upload a keynote presentation to YouTube?

Open your Keynote presentation.Select the File drop down menu.Choose Export To.Then select QuickTime.Adjust the settings to fit your preferences.Select Next.Save your file.

How to insert a YouTube video in PowerPoint presentation?

Method 2 of 3: Embedding a YouTube VideoUpdate Office to the latest version. Running the latest version of Office will help ensure that embedding a YouTube video is a smooth process.Open the YouTube video that you want to embed. Use your web browser to open the page for the YouTube video you want to embed in your presentation.Click the "Share" button on the YouTube page. ... More items...

How to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentations?

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