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Can you upload a PowerPoint presentation to YouTube?

Simple Way to Upload your PowerPoint to YouTubeMicrosoft Office PowerPointWindows Live Movie Maker (you can download it for free from Windows Live Essentials)Microphone (if you have a speech for your online presentation)Connection to InternetYoutube account (you can create a Youtube account for free)

How to insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation?

Open YouTube on your preferred browser.In the YouTube search box, type in a keyword of the video you wish to add to your presentation.Once the results are displayed copy the name of the video.

How to embed YouTube videos into PowerPoint presentations?

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What is the Best PowerPoint presentation?

How to Quickly Make a Great PowerPoint Design (With Templates)Mobile Mockups Launching a new app or mobile website? A device mockup is one of the best ways to show your app without staging a photo shoot. ...The Services Slide Many of the best PowerPoint slides are flexible for use in multiple scenarios. ...The Three-Dimensional Chart Slide