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What are fun things to do at a wedding?

I helped a friend book 14 business-class flights to Greece for a family wedding.We used a combination of Amex and Chase points, transferred to Emirates, for the tickets.The flights would have cost about $70,000 had we paid in cash instead of with credit card rewards.Read Insider's guide to the best travel rewards credit cards.

How to have an unique, cheap wedding?

Overhauling your guest list is one of the small cheap wedding ideas you’ll love. Cut down the list by limiting it to those that you cannot wed without. ...You could also host your wedding without a long line of wedding attendants. ...As for the rehearsal dinner, you don’t have to hire a huge venue. Host it in the comfort of your home, garden, or backyard.

How to have the perfect wedding?

Wedding-Vow ExamplesThink back to the beginning of your relationship. "A great way to start your vows is by flashing back to a pivotal moment in your relationship," Peterson said.Sprinkle in some detail. Now that you've got the basics down, it's time to add some detail. ...List your vows. ...Talk about your future hopes and dreams. ...End with a bang. ...

How do you plan a simple wedding?

What are the steps to planning a wedding?Set a Wedding Budget. It's critical that setting your budget be the first step in planning your wedding. ...Download a Wedding-Planning App. You’ll be able to accomplish more if you’re able to plan your wedding while on the go, rather than just sitting in front of your ...Get Inspired. ...Start Your Guest List. ...Pick Your Wedding Party. ...Narrow Down the Dates. ... More items...