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How do you delete a Mojang account?

How do you delete an account on Minecraft PE? In order to delete a Minecraft PE account you need to login to your Mojang Account (you can register for one here) and select your Minecraft Pocket Edition. Select the link labeled “Delete my account” from the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

How to delete your moviestarplanet account?

Method 1 Method 1 of 3: Avoid Getting HackedNever share your password. Most people get tricked into sharing their passwords and losing their account.Try not to go in the café chatroom often. The café chatroom is notorious for being the home of hackers who want to steal your account.Avoid people who seem fishy. Don't friend them. ...Don't accept people who want to give you VIP. ...

How do you delete your SmallWorlds acount?

Here are some important things to be aware of when it comes to deleting your Yahoo account:What Will Happen to My Yahoo Mail User Name and Email Address? ...Can I Reactivate a Closed Yahoo Mail Account? Yes, you can reactivate your account even after you've marked it for deletion. ...What Happens to Emails Sent to My Address After I Close My Yahoo Mail Account? ...

How do you delete realm from your Mojang account settings?

Log into Mojang Studios services with the deactivated accountRegister a new account with the email of the deactivated accountChange an existing account's email to that of the deactivated account