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What are the different types of breech positions?

Uterine abnormalities. Usually the uterus looks like a hollow, upside-down pear — but in some women it’s a different shape, often detected by a pelvic exam or ultrasound before or ...Location of the placenta. ...Volume of amniotic fluid. ...Multiple gestation. ...Previous breech. ...Premature birth. ...You or your partner were breech. ...Fetal abnormalities. ...Smoking. ...

Why is breech birth dangerous?

The danger of breech birth is mostly due to the fact that the largest part of a baby is its head. When the breech baby's pelvis or hips deliver first, the woman's pelvis may not be large enough for the head to be delivered also. This can result in a baby getting stuck in the birth canal, which can cause injury or death.

What is a complete breech position?

• A complete breech: A mix of the two where the baby is in a fetal position but the rotation is off and both his feet and his behind are pointing down toward the birth canal. The most common is a frank breech. Nobody is sure exactly why, but it’s the one noted down in most cases of breech pregnancies.

What methods are there to avoid a breech birth?

Your doctor will probably not attempt a vaginal breech delivery if:You have a footling breech baby.Your baby is smaller or larger than average.Your baby is lying in a certain position in the uterus; for instance, their neck is tilted back, making delivery difficult.You suffer from preeclampsia.You have placenta previa.