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How do I create a SignUpGenius sign up?

First, you’ll want to create a SignUpGenius account on our registration page or log into your existing account. From there, click the green Create a Sign Up button. From the Design tab, enter the title of your sign up. Assign an existing group from the dropdown menu or click the + sign to create a new group.

How do I display unpublished sign ups on my account?

Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the table (to the right of the search bar) on your account Sign Ups page and make sure you check the option to Show Unpublished Sign Ups under Display Options. You can save that setting as well by clicking the green button at the bottom of that screen.

How do I cancel my Signup Genius subscription?

How to Cancel a Registration Using Signup Genius If you have the confirmation email that was sent to you: Find the session you registered for and click on the DELETE button or in some cases it may have “Change my signup.” Confirm your intention to DELETE:

How do I edit or Delete my Name in Signup Genius?

If you have registered at signupgenius.com and you are signed in, you will see two icons under your name. One icon contains the shape of a pencil and enables an edit. The other icon containing an ‘x’ is for deletes.