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How do I get rid of Office 365?

On the Edge homepage, tap the ellipsis in the upper right corner, and choose Settings.In the Open Microsoft Edge with drop-down, click Start page, if it isn't selected already.In the Open new tabs with drop-down, choose Top sites and suggested content.

How do I sign out of Office 365?

sign out of Office 365 and close all browser windows after every session. Please follow these steps: a. To sign out of Outlook Web App (e-mail), click on ‘sign out’ on the toolbar: b. To sign-out from Office 365 Home Page, click ‘Sign out’ under your Office 365 Display Name: c.

How do I log out of Office 365?

Here are some tips for using Microsoft 365 on multiple devices:Each person who uses Office on a device must have an account that's associated with Microsoft 365. ...When you install Office on a device, you'll be prompted to sign in the first time you start an Office app.Office remains activated as long as you're signed in. ... More items...

How to sign out of Office 365?

WalkthroughVisit https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/, and login with your UO email addressIn the upper right corner, click the Account icon (this may display as your profile image), and then click ProfileOn the Profile page, click the Sign Out Everywhere linkClick Yes to confirm