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How do I deactivate my MSN email account?

Go to account.microsoft.com and enter your logincredentials.Click on the Security tab at the top of the page.Go to More Security Options > Explore.Scroll down and click on Close My Account.Work through the various on-screen confirmations.

How to delete your MSN email address?

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How do I Recover my MSN account?

Part 1: How to Find MSN Account for MSN Email RecoverySelect the option "I forgot my password".Click "Reset your password".Enter your Windows Live ID that you need to reset its password.Enter the characters shown and then select "Next".The options you’ll see here are the options available to reset the password for your account.

How to recover email account?

Outlook.com or hotmail.com accountsWe’ll ask you questions about your contacts and email subject lines. ...Email subject lines need to be exact.When you enter your email address, keep in mind that some domains may be country specific such as @outlook.co.uk. More items...