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How to uninstall Lightroom?

How to Uninstall Lightroom 1 Choose Start > Control Panel > Programs And Features. 2 Under Programs, select Adobe Photoshop Lightroom [version] and click Uninstall. 3 (Optional) Delete the preferences file, the catalog file, and other Lightroom files on your... See More....

How do I cancel my Lightroom subscription?

If you’ve signed up to Lightroom via iOS or Android, you may need to go through a different process to cancel. If it’s iOS, you can manage all your subscriptions, including cancelling them, through your iTunes Subscriptions page. Having troubles cancelling?

How to delete rejected photos in Lightroom?

After going through your entire Lightroom folder and setting the photos you want to delete as rejects, it’s time to filter them. To view only your rejected photos, click on the reject flag icon above your filmstrip. Now all your images will be filtered so you can only see the rejected images.

How do I Delete my Adobe account?

Carefully read the text in the Delete account screen. When you are ready to delete your account, select Continue. ( Adobe individual users) If prompted to cancel your plan, follow the onscreen instructions. ( Adobe teams or enterprise users) If prompted to leave an organization, follow the onscreen instructions.