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How do I Change my Redbubble username?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change your Redbubble username. On their website they state , “Currently usernames cannot be changed on Redbubble as they function as your unique identifier. If you’re dead-set on a name change you can delete your Redbubble account and create a new one with the desired username.”

How do I change the default product in Redbubble?

Click “Default Product” and select your product from the menu Click Set as default and your changes will be saved For more advice and tips on things like managing your account, designing for products, or getting featured, visit the Shop Talk section on the blog or have a browse through the articles and FAQs on Redbubble’s Help Center.

How do I contact Redbubble support?

Contact Us. If you have questions about anything Redbubble - from where is your order, to exchanging your fresh threads, all the way to uploading an image as an artist, head on over to our Help Centre . This is where you'll find all the answers you need, you’ll even be able to speak to one of our friendly support heroes!

Can I edit my Redbubble payment details in November?

– Redbubble November Artist Payment Delay - Artist payments for November 2021 will run a few days late, and artists won't be able to edit their payment details until payments are complete. Check out this article for more up-to-date information. Thank you for your patience! Can I change my email address?