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Can I take Xanax before a speech?

it also helps you by calming you down. the effect of Xanax may be similar to a small drink before a social interaction. you need to take it at least for at least 1/2- one hour before your speech. if still at small doses give somnolence, you can try another benzo, such as bromazepam.

How does it feel to take Xanax?

Xanax is twice as strong as valium and if youre not use to taking it you may find yourself feeling really drowsy and just simply cracking up laughing in front of everyone because you feel too calm and sedated. As least with valium its pretty fast working so u will feel the effect pretty much straight away.

When is the best time to take Xanax IR and XR?

Specifically, the consumption of a high-fat meal around 2 hours before Xanax XR ingestion will increase the average plasma concentrations by ~25%. This considered, taking Xanax IR on an empty stomach and XR ~2 hours after a high-fat meal may yield fastest onsets of action.

Does Xanax kick in at the same time every time?

Due to interindividual differences, is understood that not all Xanax users will notice the medication “kicking in” (i.e. taking effect) at the same rate.