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How to fix a dress that won’t zip up?

If you can, lower the back of the dress in a deep ‘v’ to avoid the zipper. This requires some tailoring skill, however. Altering a dress that won’t zip up can be simple. If you have the skill and the tools, your dress will fit perfectly again with just a few steps.

How far apart should zippers be on a dress?

Simply measure how far apart the zipper is in the places where it won’t zip. This is what you’ll have to add to the side seams of your dress. Make sure to divide that number by 2. Say, for example, there are six inches in the gap where the zipper won’t close.

Why won’t my zipper zip up?

This is a situation that’s common when a zipper has some miles on it. The zipper seems to work, yet while the zipper moves up and down, the teeth aren’t interlocking, so the dress won’t zip up. You need pliers.

How can I hide the zipper on my wedding dress?

If you can't fully zip up the dress, wear a matching cropped cover up around your shoulders and back to hide the zipper. If your dress is too large, you must create the illusion that it fits using accessories.