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Can I Delete my Tinder account from my Facebook account?

If you have an existing Tinder account linked to your Facebook account and want to disconnect it; you’ll have to delete your Tinder account and start a new one. The Tinder account that you created is supported by Facebook so there is no way to disconnect the two while keeping them active.

Why is my Tinder account still on Facebook Graph?

Tinder is connected to your Facebook account. Even though you’ve already deleted the app, your Tinder account profile might still show up on Facebook Graph searches due to its connection with your profile. Here’s how to remove that connection.

Is it hard to delete Tinder?

But there comes a time when you would want to move on, and find romance the old-fashioned way. Unfortunately, Tinder can be quite tricky to get rid of since it’s connected to your Facebook account. If you want to delete Tinder from your smartphone– and from your life–, follow the easy steps below.

How do I cancel my Tinder subscription?

If you subscribed on Android or Tinder for web (Tinder.com) using your credit card, deleting your account will cancel your subscription automatically. Trouble with account deletion?