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How do I leave or end a group in GroupMe?

Leaving a group in GroupMe only takes a few seconds:Choose the group in GroupMe you wish to leave.Go to the group chat avatar.Press the “Settings” button.Go down the list and choose the “Leave Group” option. You can also choose to end your group, which will delete it entirely. ...

How to delete group contacts?

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How do I delete or hide individual messages in GroupMe?

To hide your messages on a computer, follow the instructions below:Open GroupMe (make sure it’s the app, not the web version).Click on the chat that has the desired message.Right-click the message and choose “Hide Message” from the menu.

How to change your phone number in GroupMe?

If you receive the error message Phone number already in use, try the following:Reset your password for the new phone number.After you've reset your password, log in with the new phone number and use the delete account option to reset the number from the GroupMe database. ...After the new number has been reset, try changing the number on your current account again.