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How do you Zip Zip a dress?

Zip a dress with a full zipper. Many dresses have zippers that must be zipped all the way down to don/remove. If a dress is non-elastic and has a fitted waist and/or bust, this will most likely be the case. If so, your method depends on the type of zipper.

How do I use the zipper helper on my dress?

For zipper help simply insert the ZipHer hook in the small hole in your zipper pull from the top. Let the zipper helper hang down while you step into your dress. Hold the ZipHer chain taut as you zip up. Jiggle the ZipHer hook to remove it from your dress.

How do you measure a dress for a back zipper?

Lay your dress or other back-zippered garment on a flat surface and use a measuring tape to figure out how long the zipper is. After you’ve determined this, cut off a piece of string that matches this measurement. If you don’t have any string on hand, you can use a length of ribbon or a shoelace instead.

Should the zipper on a dress be open or closed?

For example, on some dresses with full back zippers, the zipper need only be open a few inches to allow the head and arms through. On some tops, the zipper need only be open to allow the head through. On some garments with back buttons, only the top button needs to be open. This may vary depending on figure.