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Why choose Chester Zoo for your wedding venue?

Did you like this supplier? Located in Hoole, Cheshire, Chester Zoo is a wedding venue and zoological garden that can set the stage for a truly unforgettable and distinctive celebration. Adored by happy couples and animal lovers alike, this Cheshire gem boasts a Grade II listed manor house perfect for romantic occasions.

How much does Chester Zoo pay per hour?

How much does Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom pay? The average Chester Zoo salary ranges from approximately £15,308 per year for Recruiter to £55,908 per year for Head of Marketing. Average Chester Zoo hourly pay ranges from approximately £8.21 per hour for Guest Service Agent to £9.24 per hour for Park Ranger.

Why book Your Wedding Venue in Chester with the Chester Grosvenor?

Why should you book your wedding venue in Chester with The Chester Grosvenor? The award winning Chester Grosvenor combines breathtaking architecture with contemporary yet traditional interiors.

What is the Oakfield at Chester Zoo?

The Oakfield lies at the heart of Chester Zoo, it is here where our founder George Mottershead started to build his vision of a ‘zoo without bars’. The house was recently restored and boasts many beautiful original features, intricate wood panelling, historic photos and views out onto the gardens.